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Thread: The #9b13 chord

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    Default The #9b13 chord

    This chord is very common in jazz, but it is not in the library of chords. If I enter it manually, I get an "unrecognised chord" notification. Could you add it please? The Bb voicing would be Ab D Gb Db (b7,-3,b13,#9). thanks !

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    You can use #9#5
    Same voicing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by massimobio View Post
    You can use #9#5
    Same voicing.
    Why not allow 7#9b13?

    It is not wrong. Not sure I understand the current design choice to force users to use #5.

    Same for 9b13. In the latter case I would argue not only is it personal preference, but #5 is wrong. Because a chord can not have the same note twice and as there is a 5 in a 7th chord and using mixolydic with b13 9#5 would be a false description for that scale / chord. There would be a fifth in the scale and the #5 falsely suggested by the chord symbol.


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