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Thread: multidevice bluetooth synchro, and metronome

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    Lightbulb multidevice bluetooth synchro, and metronome

    Hi all,
    We are a quartet playing jazz. My teacher showed me IrealPro that I adopted. I am the bassist.
    Two nice features I wish to have :
    1) Just metronome : to beat the time, as bassist I have to maintain the beat, so for training and exercises this very interesting. Today, I have an external metronome, and don't run IReal, or I run IReal alone and mix instruments and so percus.

    2) More complicated would be Bluetooth synchro : As quartet, the piano and I the bassist, are using IReal. It will be fantastic, that one device will be the master. When the master starts, it simply bluetooths, the 1st time of each bar to the slave, so all devices are synchro. Slave can be silent, master can be connected to the amplifier and so on.

    Thanks for this development, I use on a daily basis for alone training.

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    You can change the drum sound in the Mixer window between drums, clicks and off-beat clicks by tapping the drum button.

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