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    Default Dan Haerle Songs

    Dan Haerle Tunes - Lead sheets at

    Dan Haerle Tunes 1 (40)

    Individual songs:
    Aspiration 2 - Dan Haerle
    Back on the Track - Dan Haerle
    Big Foot Bossa - Dan Haerle
    Breather 2 - Dan Haerle
    Caring - Dan Haerle
    Cat From Caracas, The - Dan Haerle
    Circle - Dan Haerle
    Communion 2 - Dan Haerle
    Crib Chimp - Dan Haerle
    Darin Rae 2 - Dan Haerle
    Diminishing Returns - Dan Haerle
    Driftin' 2 - Dan Haerle
    Elf Dance - Dan Haerle
    Essence, The - Dan Haerle
    I've Got It - Dan Haerle
    Loneliness - Dan Haerle
    Love at Last - Dan Haerle
    Luisa 2 - Dan Haerle
    Luminescence - Dan Haerle
    Magic Morning - Dan Haerle
    New Light - Dan Haerle
    Ostinato - Dan Haerle
    Primal Prayer - Dan Haerle
    Rising Star - Dan Haerle
    Romantic Waltz 2 - Dan Haerle
    Samba de Luvsme - Dan Haerle
    Scooter - Dan Haerle
    Seagulls 2 - Dan Haerle
    Seconds - Dan Haerle
    See-Saw - Dan Haerle
    Serendipity - Dan Haerle
    Silly - Dan Haerle
    Simple Samba - Dan Haerle
    Slither 2, The - Dan Haerle
    Soul Mates 2 - Dan Haerle
    Spangalang 2 - Dan Haerle
    Spirit Soars 2, The - Dan Haerle
    Star Bright 2 - Dan Haerle
    Swifty - Dan Haerle
    Tippin' - Dan Haerle
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    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for sharing.
    Please remember to include a time-sig (even when it's 4/4)
    In most cases, other time-sig's 3/4, 7/4 etc will play and read just fine when written in standard chart format:
    Four, four-space measures in each system (line). No need to have fewer or additional spaces in each measure.
    Posting Conventions
    It's easer to read when measures don't wrap-around between systems.

    If you choose to post edited charts, it's easiest when you re-post your (edited) playlist as an edit to your original post. Instead of multiple posts and versions, you can easily edit your original post and overwrite the first chart (or playlist) with your updated version. Just copy the new chart (or playlist) to your clipboard (just select "post to forums"), go to your forum post, choose edit, select and highlight all the song code of the first version, select "paste" (not cut or copy) then SAVE. Done

    Welcome to the Forums,
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    Thanks so much for your feedback! It answered a lot of questions! I edited all of the songs and think that they meet your standards now. It gave me a chance to work with the editor some more. It is great and really easy to use! Please let me know if you catch any more errors!



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    Thanks Dan, better!
    Additional tips:
    Repeat brackets are always used in pairs.
    The "final" bar-line (double thin/thick) is used only once at the very end of the tune (OR coda if used)
    Rehearsal marks are helpful. Easier to quickly understand the form (AABA etc.)
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    Thanks for the additional tips! I'm learning and want to do it right! I took care of repeat signs, rehearsal letters and final barlines.



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