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Thread: iOS 9x Text Box Issue

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    Default iOS 9x Text Box Issue

    Since upgrading to the latest iOS I haven't been able to access the text box in editor mode, or the arrows for assigning text position. I can delete existing text (and add to it), or create new text without changing its position, but only see it and the changes I'm making on the chart itself.
    I'm on an iPad 4th Gen.


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    Thanks we are aware of this and will fix.
    Meanwhile you might find you can dismiss the keyboard (bottom right keyboard arrow icon) to reveal the text field and the arrows.

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    There's a temporary workaround for now,
    In the Settings of your device, go to General/Keyboard and disable Shortcuts.

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    Thanks! I also have a built-in Bluetooth keyboard in my iPad case which helps some, mainly in landscape mode.


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