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Thread: How to backup my iReal song library

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    Default How to backup my iReal song library

    Hi - I just discovered this app and this forum over the weekend and I'm thrilled to have this resource!

    I'm using an ipad and have edited and created several charts. All of the work was done on the ipad. I want to confirm that by syncing the ipad with itunes, the synced iTunes version has all of the revisions and new charts that I created on the ipad. (And I back-up my Mac with Time Machine.) So that, if I lose the ipad, all of my changes are still available by syncing another device (ipad, iphone, etc.) to the iTunes version? I put in A LOT of work on these tunes and just want to make sure that I am secure. Is there a way to be even MORE secure? Thanks very much, NotDave

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotDave View Post
    ... Is there a way to be even MORE secure?
    Hi NotDave,
    In Settings>backup will create an emailable collection of all your playlists and user created songs. If you keep the email on your computer it will be in time machine also, but you could keep the email in your ISP email cloud.
    Read through other threads, there is some corruption using gmail and hotmail accounts of the song code. Run some tests first to make sure you can read your songs back into your iPad.
    Also time machine is backup, not necessarily archive, the oldest files can be deleted for more room (I think this is still the case.)

    However use our mac editor...this creates a mac file, so you can keep it on MobileMe iDisk, or on flash USB drive or email that somewhere also. This would be the best way.
    Also using mac editor (available on our website for free) you will be able to input charts much quicker.
    (at our website is information on how to transfer from iReal book to email etc....see Help section>iOS>Transfers)

    Hope this helps.
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    That's very helpful. Thanks so much. More questions to come, no doubt! NotDave


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