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Thread: Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Arlen-Harburg

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    Default Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Arlen-Harburg

    Over The Raimbow - Luca - Harold Arlen

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    By using S and N in the editor (small/normal) chords can be made more readable in crowded measures. *Remember, each N or S applies to all subsequent chords in the chart. When you use S to make a couple of adjacent chords fit better, please use N on the next chord to reset the rest of the chart

    Did you mean to share this in the Gypsy Jazz thread?
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    Default Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Arlen-Harburg

    The total song suitable as a backing track for you and your uke or just going karaoke. The original song is all Iz's breath taking voice with just a shade of his ukelele. So that is what this version reflects, a sparse track that strives to stay out of your way. You can mimic Iz's uke with a guitar fingered mid neck, on the top 4 strings. The song build is 1) Uke Intro 2) Voice Intro (oh,oh) 3) Verse 4) Verse 5) Chorus 6)Verse 7) Chorus 8) Verse 9) Outro (oh,oh) to end. Aloha! Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Iz-Israel Kamakawiwoole version) - Arlen/Harburg

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    Hey this is great
    Many thanks
    There are so many great versions of this tune.
    we need to put them all in one thread.

    In the meantime I notice the whole chart is in skinny font.
    I think I'll leave the intro Skinny and go to regular for the actual song and add section letters
    also I think he plays the 4minor in bar 5 (f-)

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    This chart is if you want to play exactly as the recording. The bottom half is a little confusing to me.
    You may prefer dashow2000's chart if you're used to it but I think this one will be easier to read for the rest.
    I'll do another one that's designed more for a group with solos.

    this is the same chart with a few tweaks .
    1)I changed the title to Over The Rainbow because that is the way it's written on the record.
    2)Fixed the timing on the uke intro. The chords are not the exact chords Iz uses but they are closer then they were. I assume this chart was taken from a tabs site and not checked.
    3)took out all redundant triangles with 7's. (my pet peeve )
    4) put a spaces between sections and went to normal font
    5)Lined up staves

    Over The Rainbow (Iz-Israel Kamakawiwoole - Arlen/Harburg
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    Thank you, I'm glad you found value in my version. It's not from a tab, I picked it off the cd but I'm not a uke player and had to convert it to the upper 4 strings of my guitar. But it's a backing track for a string instrument so the chords don't have to be voiced exact. Just a reply to your pet peeve on the use or over use of triangled 7th chords. Their use, most of the time, will slightly change the voicing of the chord and in addition will alter the bass and drums, like adding a syncopation or a roll or change the bass line. So for me, the variation more imitates a live player and makes for more interest so I don't get bored hearing the same 4 chords over and over when I play against it. If you want to hear another of my versions where I made really heavy use of these chord variations to relieve boredom, pull up my George Benson version of Breezin'. There's a ton of triangle chords,as well as 6ths and 9ths as variations off the main 4 chords just to add a bit of interest in a real basic and repetitive chord cycle.
    THANKS for your interest in my Rainbow version!!! much appreciated.

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    Default CΔ = cΔ7

    I think the comment about major 7ths is more to do with keeping the chart uncluttered. If you are entering c maj 7 you can just enter c with the triangle. If you select c with the triangle and 7 its the same chord so sounds the same but takes up less space.

    here is a rather lovely tune that I struggled for hours to compose that shows the lack of difference

    See Major Seventh - Unknown Composer
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