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Thread: WAV file export.

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    Default WAV file export.

    Has anyone successfully exported a WAV file to an email? I don't like taking my iPad to public places so I use a Windows Netbook. I wnat to send my files by email to the netbook. I have ried a couple of times, but even though the files are converted, the don't arrive at my email box.
    Keith Glendinning.

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    Some possibilities Keith,
    - try AAC. It is a smaller file size more suitable for emailing (which could be the problem)
    - try a different email (ISP) address if you have one
    - use the Save to Disk after the .wav has rendered then use File Sharing to transfer the .wav file from iPad to your Netbook
    - save the .wav to Dropbox (or other similar cloud service) on your iPad (you will need the related cloud app installed) then download it on your Netbook


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