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Thread: Verses for jazz standards

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    Default Verses for jazz standards

    Looking for the " verses" (intros) on some jazz standards. i.e. I get a kick out of you.... "My story is much too sad to be told but practically everything is totally cold"
    I can't seem to find them anywhere!!!

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    Here are the changes to some random verses I've collected along the way.
    Verses are becoming difficult to find...
    It would be great if others would share more.

    Verses To Some Jazz Tunes (16)

    1. After You've Gone - Verse - Unknown Composer
    2. All Of Me VERSE ev - Simons Marks
    3. Anything Goes (verse) - Cole Porter
    4. At Last (VERSE) - Harry Warren
    5. Autumn Leaves (Verse) - Joseph Kosma
    6. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen ( plus verse) - Unknown Composer
    7. Down In Honky Tonky Town (with Verse) - Chris Smith, Charles McCarron 1916
    8. I Wish I Knew (VERSE) bg - Unknown Composer
    9. I'll See You In My Dreams (with Verse) - Isham Jones, Gus Khan 1924
    10. Les Feuilles Mortes VERSE (Autumn Leaves) dfb - Joseph Kosma
    11. My Funny Valentine (VERSE) bg - Unknown Composer
    12. Night And Day (VERSE) dfb - Cole Porter
    13. Night And Day (verse) - Cole Porter
    14. Que Reste-t-il de Nos Amours VERSE dfb - Charles Trenet
    15. Since I Fell VERSE rs - Unknown Composer
    16. What Is This Thing Called Love (verse) - Cole Porter

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    Thanks Bob.. that's a good start.
    If I find any on my own ill definitely post them!

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    Only a few of my charts have the verse. I'll post some as I come across them. A major disincentive is that so many verses are rubato, which is okay on iRP for reading purposes but not so okay for using the Player function.

    I have fakebook materials going back to the 1940s and I've never seen any that include verses. (I suspect they were dropped partly because bands didn't want couples standing around on the dance floor waiting for The Beat.) But I've actually had good luck finding them online. Search YouTube and vinyl archives: and are invaluable resources. The closer you can get to the year it was composed, the more likely the recording will include the verse. And, of course, you can always buy the sheet music!
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    Because Autumn Leaves don't play, a suggest this slight modifications.

    Autumn Leaves (Verse bis) - Joseph Kosma

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    Default Over The Rainbow VERSE - Harold Arlen

    Over The Rainbow VERSE - Harold Arlen

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    Default Some Of These Days with VERSE - Shelton Brooks (1910)

    Quote Originally Posted by sourbirthdayprincess View Post
    Anyone have this with the verse?
    I used the two 2/4 bars to reflect Ethel Waters timing in the youtube example you provided.
    To do it "square", just edit and remove the 2/4 time sig's.

    Some Of These Days VERSE - Shelton Brooks (1910)

    And here included on the song's chart:

    Some Of These Days with VERSE - Shelton Brooks (1910)

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    Default What Are You Doing New Years w-VERSE - Frank Loesser

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    Default Shine On Harvest Moon - Bayes And Norworth w/VERSE

    Shine On Harvest Moon - Bayes And Norworth

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