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Thread: Printing from tablet?

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    Default Printing from tablet?

    I need copies of the charts I have created on my Acer Iconia 500 android tablet.

    When I send to print via either email or gdrive there's a message that says I must click on the android file with the Ireal PRO in order to print the chart!
    I don't have a cloud printer; I bought a new injet printer last year!!!! I have 2 other printers that work JUST FINE!

    How do I get this Chart printed please.

    oh, and I installed blue stacks on my pc with windows 8.1... BUT I Real Pro will NOT install (from Goggle Play) .. I get an error message.
    So, I can't trick my DELL LAPTOP computer into thinking it's an android...

    I have installed 2 or 3 times the Blue stacks...(haven't uninstalled but it all just seems like a waste of time!..

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    From the Share icon, choose IMAGE. Email to your PC or upload to Google Drive then print from your PC directly to your printer.

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