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  1. I know about that thread, but I wish for the...

    I know about that thread, but I wish for the forums to grow its catalog of video game lead sheets. Regardless, thank you for the notification as I am very new to the forums.
  2. Thread: GAME Music songs

    by 10013

    My Transcriptions...

    My Transcriptions (11)

    Individual songs:
    Tower, The - Nobuo Uematsu
    Hymn Of The Soul - Shoji Meguro
    Last Suprise (You Never Saw It Coming) - Shoji Meguro
    Life Will Change - Shoji Meguro
  3. Video Game Music

    There is a severe lack of video game music on these forums. I made some for more obscure and some less obscure titles for your analyzing pleasure. There's only 4 here, but I will continue to post...
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