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  1. How to restore settings on a downloaded song to the original?

    I have a downloaded song from the forum. Proceeded to tweak rhythm style, bpm, etc. while learning. Would like to restore those settings to original. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Ah. Apparently the N.C. element means no-chord,...

    Ah. Apparently the N.C. element means no-chord, and does exactly what I want. :D
  3. Rhythm-only song with time-signature & percussion, no chords

    What is the easiest way to create a song with only rhythm, no chords, to use purely as percussion rhythm play-along?

    e.g. I want a 32 measure swing percussion-only track.

    I tried making a new...
  4. Why is there an initial delay in playback?

    When I click "Play" on my iPad (Air 2) there is a noticeable and inconsistent delay, complete with spinner, before the playback or count-in begins. Is there a way to avoid this? It makes it very...
  5. Highlight looping section while playing & highlight current measure differently

    If I make a selection to loop I get it highlighted in yellow. As soon as I start playing the selection, the first measure is highlighted yellow and the rest of the selection loses its highlight. It...
  6. Thanks, that's better than nothing. However, I...

    Thanks, that's better than nothing. However, I agree with top post: Roman V7 reads a lot better than 57, and is also quite standard.
  7. View with chord numbers instead of names

    I would love to have an option for relative numbering of chords i.e. ii-V-I style naming of chords, instead of (or in addition) to dm-G-C.

    This would be very useful to help practice relative...
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