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  1. Hello, here's a new list : the same 25 first...

    Hello, here's a new list : the same 25 first dances with other names and "playlist" sequences. In the same tone, a quick tune follows a slow one and so on. Boucles D'Oreille A (25)

    1. 1a...
  2. Attaingnant A...

    Attaingnant A (25)

    1. 1 basse danse - Attaingnant
    2. 3 Basse Danse - Attaingnant
    3. 7 Tourdion - Attaingnant
    4. 8 Tourdion - Attaingnant
    5. 12 Branle Simple - Attaingnant
    6. 14 Branle Simple...
  3. Hello, here's a new post about Attaingnant's...

    Hello, here's a new post about Attaingnant's music. After twelve month and some rehearsals, i wrote the charts in a different way. Renaissance dance music is not jazz, and we need translation to use...
  4. New era, new job about Attaingnant. Charts have...

    New era, new job about Attaingnant. Charts have to be serviced. The beat, the structure, some chords will be stated. One goal : to play and to share. Tunes are not to be played alone, they are to be...
  5. Twice thanks, Bob. This an other link to get...

    Twice thanks, Bob. This an other link to get Att's dances from Douce France : ...
  6. Attaingnant 2nd book whole list

    The list with 50 tunes. Attaingnant (50)

    1. Basse Dance 1 - Attaingnant
    2. Basse Dance 2 - Attaingnant
    3. Basse Dance 3 - Attaingnant
    4. Basse Dance 4 - Attaingnant
    5. Basse Dance 5 Celle qui...
  7. Gaillarde 50 Gardarem las vacas

    Last but not least, this gaillard borrows the structure of the Romanesca. So, feel free to transform the main melody. In a manner of sign, this last of Fifty tunes is written with five staves : five...
  8. Try this one in a low mood, with reverb, delay...

    Try this one in a low mood, with reverb, delay and echo : remember of J. Tauler ancient Alsatian carol "un vaisseau nous arrive toutes voiles dehors" "A vessel is a-coming towards us, all sails set"....
  9. The three last dances are to be played just after...

    The three last dances are to be played just after a pavan : pavan-gaillard, pavan-gaillard etc ... To make a contrast between slow, binary mood, and lively, triple meter on the other hand. Enjoy the...
  10. Pavane 46

    No counterpoint here, all music is written in homophonic texture. Dark feeling. Pavane 46 - Attaingnant
  11. Pavane 45

    Pavan is a common music, everybody heard of it at least once. Drums are required, so I use a large, deep, low bodhran. Mandolin is welcome. Pavane 45 - Attaingnant
  12. Branle Double 44

    A dance with humour and walking rythm. Branle Double 44 - Attaingnant
  13. Branle Double 43

    A good dance to waddle without embarrasment in a wide hall, listening to crumhorns and sackbuts. Branle Double 43 - Attaingnant
  14. Branle Gay 42

    The ascending scale of part B sounds like Monteverde's Orfeo's Sinfonia. Not to play too fast. Branle Gay 42 - Attaingnant
  15. Branle Simple 41

    Quasi a square dance. Get on board with this tune : bounce, swing and lilting compete for make people go crazy. Branle Simple 41 - Attaingnant
  16. Tourdion 40

    Do you want to hijack smooth ancient melodies ad build steady-rythm riffs with ? Just listen and play. Tourdion 40 - Attaingnant
  17. Tourdion 39 Lundi matin

    Easy manner to recognize this tune : a french kids song called "lundi matin, l'empereur, sa femme et le p'tit prince ..." Some melodies travel throughout centuries.
    Tourdion 39 - Attaingnant
  18. Branle Simple 37

    A light tune, imitating children's lazzi or nursery rhyme. Branle Simple 37 - Attaingnant
  19. Basse Dance 38 Trop de regretz

    The Book's last Basse Dance, derived from a song speaking of love and despair. Basse Dance 38 Trop de regretz - Attaingnant
  20. Branle Gay 36 Que je Chatoulle ta fossette

    Special tune, without chorus or verse. Superius plays the leading part, lower parts fill out the harmony, as supporting lines. As the form of this tune is homorythmic, it's a fine challenge to give...
  21. Branle Simple 35

    Nice and original meody, staying in mind for a long.Branle Simple 35 - Attaingnant
  22. Basse Dance 34 Par fin despit

    Always the same trustful atmosphere, but a strange end to this tune, like an answerless question. The title "Par fin despit" or "Par fin despit je m'en iray seulette" talks about loneliness. Basse...
  23. Basse Dance 33 Content désir

    Regular rests let you breathe, listen to the resonating chords. You can fill rests with drums, as an answer. Basse Dance 33 Content désir - Attaingnant
  24. Basse Dance 32

    A peaceful Basse Dance, in the key of G, so good for fiddlers. Basse Dance 32 - Attaingnant
  25. Tourdion 31 Vous aurez tout ce qui est myen

    High level of complication between the two leads, in part B. If you had a poor idea of Renaissance misic, just have a look on this tourdion. Tourdion 31 Vous aurez tout ce qui est mien - Attaingnant...
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