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  1. Export to mp3
  2. Feature suggestion: style editor
  3. iRealbook on PC?
  4. Printing with Mac version
  5. Mac Shortcuts?
  6. Can I install on more than one computer?
  7. Number Notation in key other than C, Roman numerals
  8. Garageband and iReal b
  9. pdf files
  10. Update iReal pro Mac App Store ?
  11. MP3 export
  12. Transposition?
  13. Transfer problem
  14. Transfer song from iReal B (Mac OSX) to iReal B (Iphone) via iTunes sync
  15. European Notation system (Do Re Me..)
  16. How to add Maj7 chord in Mac?
  17. Export as midi
  18. how can I changes rhythms within a song
  19. Question - bass on 2 & 4, swing
  20. How do I get "Slow Blues" player style in iRealb OSX?
  21. Loop button disapeared
  22. polychords...entering "slash" chords?
  23. Can a group of bars/chords be copy and pasted then transposed without effecting..
  24. How do you code : C7 aug
  25. ABC notation to iReal b converter
  26. Mac export to PDF
  27. Beginner question
  28. imac and macbook
  29. New user confused, charts don’t play like original recordings
  30. Printing guitar chords
  31. Style of song - more styles in the song edi than in the song player.
  32. Save Sheet to Pdf
  33. Repeating sections
  34. How to loop
  35. Purchases mande in Ipad can be use in Mac version?
  36. Chord/bass then __/bass __/bass Can we hide the chord if it doesn't change
  37. music illiterate needs help
  38. Phrygian and m7b9 chord ?
  39. "END" command placement
  40. Some thoughts/suggestions
  41. "N" and "S" for Alternate Chords
  42. Drum Track Midi Export to GB not working
  43. Key in Song List?
  44. D.S. al Fine> Dal Segno al Fine
  45. Problem playing after (first) install
  46. highlight chords while playing song doesn't work
  47. Display of chosen guitar-tabs would be helpful
  48. Song Library
  49. How to set audio destination
  50. Loading songs from Forum to Mac OSX
  51. Transposing issues/questions
  52. Android and Mac
  53. How do I add a new page?
  54. Change default Email Client?
  55. The undo and redo button
  56. How do you insert syncopation into a song?
  57. Adding Guitar Chords to Library
  58. New sounds and Rhythms
  59. Nav button covered
  60. error warning when using Irb
  61. problems with snow-leopard on an older macbook
  62. audio library has expired, please contact developer
  63. unintended high repeat number setting?
  64. No Sound
  65. Keyboard short cut glossary
  66. Making in-app store purchase
  67. Pick-up beat/click count off
  68. HELP! All my songs became a mess. Unplayable!
  69. Playback
  70. Scales don't match global transposition
  71. iREALb will not open
  72. What is this chord?
  73. Is there a way to edit Transposed Charts in the transposed key?
  74. Posting chords with extended notation
  75. missing view showing both chords AND tabs of a complete song
  76. transferring scales pack across platform
  77. Is there a way to Edit or Play a Tune to Go through 12 Keys in Half Steps, ect. ?
  78. Autoplay songs in playlist?
  79. have to restart Irealb to change output configuration
  80. Sharing
  81. General Issues
  82. Please implement remembering window sizing.
  83. Playback cuts out after one beat of one-bar count-in.
  84. How to Restore 50 original Exercises?
  85. ipad vs mac os x question . . .
  86. Is it possible to mark a chord first time only?
  87. Restore playlists from Time Machine backup?
  88. download prpblem
  89. How are Chord Scales, Guitar Chords, and Piano Chords supposed to be re-registered?
  90. Feature Request: Mini Player
  91. Export MusicXML
  92. left hand guitar chords
  93. the all new iRealb Pro 5.0
  94. OSX version constantly crashes
  95. iRealb Pro 5
  96. IReal Pro Preferences
  97. Choose its own chord diagrams
  98. ireal pro player fails on macbook air.. (2013)
  99. chord-piano-guitar scale problem helpp
  100. upgrade? (Successful)
  101. Complete List of keyboard shortcuts? larger editior on Mac possible?
  102. Song Download not working on Mac
  103. multiple monitors?
  104. Probleme avec Osx 10.9 maverick ! une MAJ prévu ?
  105. songs will not open on Mac
  106. Chord scale purchase/restore not working in iMac running OSX 10.9
  107. i real pro for Mac
  108. Copying songs/playlists between the iPad and Mac (10.9)
  109. Converting ballad to long form
  110. Lost exercises
  111. I real pro no longer plays over Jamvox
  112. Syncopation & STOPS
  113. Thread for discussion about using iReal Pro for OSX for performances.
  114. In iReal Pro for Mac OS-X is there a way to choose a green background color?
  115. Some Questions about Interlude and Repating Segno...
  116. MIDI audio vs. data
  117. Tools for chord selection
  118. library missing
  119. new mac desktop
  120. How to make maj7sus2 chords?
  121. ireal pro mac laptop
  122. Slow startup/crash
  123. smooth jazz import?
  124. Problem with export to .pdf
  125. How to use d.s. al coda?
  126. sharing irb songs between my mac osx desktops
  127. deleted the ireal pro program from my mac...
  128. iRealb Pro does not work on 32 bits Mac, can I download the previous 32 bit version
  129. Comparison/differences between iReal Pro on iOS and OS X???
  130. OSX Bug Report (Feb 8 2014)
  131. My complete play list is not opening up
  132. iRealPro won't play on late 2013 iMac
  133. Online Documentation, search engines
  134. D.C al Fine and IN sections
  135. Alphabetical disorder in OSX Title list
  136. Chords on 8th notes?
  137. Chord Display + other irks
  138. Emergency Mac OS upgrade clobbered Ireal Pro
  139. How to have no bar line at the beginning of a staff?
  140. Adding bars/inserting bars
  141. New songs or new rhythms
  142. How to locate a new song I edited?
  143. My contribution to understanding the Editor tool
  144. How to locate my own posts?
  145. How to avoid re-iteration of chords on "1"
  146. Deleting an empty Playlist
  147. New macbook, irealpro registration problem
  148. How do I repeat chords in the middle of a song that already contain repeats?
  149. problem: MIDI file too loud in Logic X
  150. being able to notate a Maj7b5
  151. How do I import into Band in a Box 2013.74
  152. 5/2014 UPDATE for MAC Sound No Longer Works
  153. how to share a chart from iphone
  154. crash on start up
  155. Transposing 2nd and 3rd pages
  156. Minor II V I exercise - wrong chord scales?
  157. Audio was going to soundcard but now goes to laptop speaker and I can't set it back.
  158. Airplay speakers won't play in Mac OSX
  159. Can't download Jazz 1300 Standards
  160. Problem: Can't print or export sheet. (OSX)
  161. Exporting songs from I Tunes? Can it be done?
  162. Import audio tracks...
  163. play a short numbers of measures
  164. Ipad and mac versions
  165. Blank library bug
  166. export independ midis
  167. Lag between GUI and Sound.
  168. iCloud implementation?
  169. Enharmonic Transposition
  170. 7/8 rhythm how to
  171. Where is the User Manual ?
  172. iOS and OSX separate purchases?! Do we have to pay twice?
  173. Ireal pro for Mac bug
  174. Guitar chord symbols
  175. displayed page width very narrow on new songs - wide on downloaded songs
  176. Entire Libray missing bu the number still there?
  177. Styles
  178. D# and G# vs Eb and ,Ab
  179. irealB sound output to audio interface not working
  180. I can not see my songs. Gone!
  181. Create new chord voicings
  182. How to select a different output device?
  183. Starting over
  184. escape mixer button
  185. Cannot import
  186. Cannot install iReal Pro
  187. importing the html song/playlist file on a Mac OSX does NOT work.
  188. can't find download
  189. Ireal pro is not working on OS X Yosemite
  190. irealPro 6.01, OSX 10.7.5, M-Audio M-Track Quad...
  191. [req] Would be nice to have a couple of sliders for delays
  192. Can't Play Bluetooth
  193. Two windows for editing ?
  194. Preview Chords
  195. Bass arpegios instead of guitar chords ?
  196. Bug in Ballad Double Time Feel
  197. Display with overlapping
  198. Suddenly stopped playing.
  199. Question: IRP for os x AND ios?
  200. Show scales in tablature form?
  201. Exporting to Logic Pro X
  202. Get back saved songs from hard disk image
  203. Secret trick with the editor to use 4 and more time bars...
  204. Transfer Mac OSX -> IOS ?
  205. Custom chord charts that transpose?
  206. Using iReal pro and Soundflower?
  207. One Bar Count-in?
  208. Transferring songs and playlists between devices
  209. how can you force a line break?
  210. How can I compress a chart, so it has six measures per line instead of four?
  211. How can I make a two page chart fit on one page?
  212. License Key
  213. Why does the % not work (bar-repeat signs)
  214. Audio Playback Issues
  215. Stagnent Chord with moving Bass i.e. empty slashes
  216. chord change on "and" of 4?
  217. repeats for rideout
  218. Cannot Select the Audio Output and stops on first beat of count-in when I press play
  219. Problem: putting 4 more complicated chords in 1 bar?
  220. Cannot turn practice feature off!
  221. Follow indicator
  222. import xml file
  223. Newbie question on keys
  224. cannot turn practice on
  225. Songlist isn't displayed
  226. How to change the size of bars of a whole chord sequence?
  227. What is new in v6.1 for Mac?
  228. puchasing new styles for IOS and MAC
  229. Export in PDF of a chart after a key change
  230. Tempo Adjust using minus key bug
  231. Generate a playlist from a text file
  232. How do I add chords to a new song?
  233. Cm6/9|5?
  234. Extra Bars?
  235. Chart plays funny
  236. cant find new font style in osx version
  237. Export wav distorted
  238. Playback doesn't start on selected measure after update
  239. Newbie needs help printing new key-not default key
  240. How to find the Nashville Number System font option?
  241. How to convert a song from the old format to the new one?
  242. editing mode doesn't show last line of a 13 line tune, but in play mode it's fine
  243. trying to restore extra jazz styles on OSx makes program crash
  244. "An Error Occurred..." during attempted update
  245. File can't be opened once special characters are inserted
  246. How to un-center PDFs?
  247. Change email client used by iReal?
  248. Can't Open iReal on MacBook Pro
  249. Highlighted Bar Lags Behind Playback After a While in Loop Mode
  250. Playlist link missing when saving to Drop Box