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  1. How to post songs to the Forums
  2. How to import songs from the forum to your iPhone/iPod
  3. Copyrights and rules
  4. How to open the forum songs in the Mac Editor
  5. Single tunes vs. lists
  6. What key do I use in ambiguous tunes?
  7. GLOSSARY - iReal Pro
  8. iReal Pro layout conventions
  9. Log on problems with new forum website
  10. Irealbook on pocket PC?
  11. How to send (edit) songs (from irb to editor)
  12. Templates
  13. iRealBook file format for export to other apps
  14. Is there anyway I can review a song before I download it to my I-pod?
  15. John Handy - Hardwork
  16. Ideas for future updates
  17. Song in editor to iPhone (was called Long distance love)
  18. iPad app is crashing
  19. Sending a tune
  20. using Bump to transfer
  21. Sending playlists as text files
  22. Fourth beat chords getting cut off
  23. Adding iPod control
  24. Augmented fifth?
  25. Restoring User Files from email
  26. iPod Touch software version 2.1.1.
  27. Black background white letters
  28. Wishlist suggestion
  29. A sound for sore ears - Jimmy Heath (Request)
  30. Improvising Practice and tips
  31. Is there somewhere that tells how to read the chords?
  32. Guitar Tab?
  33. Melody and Lyrics...???
  34. Delete unwanted "Styles"
  35. Editing ipad/Mac editor
  36. email to ipad help
  37. Forum
  38. jazz-style pack and sandbox?
  39. Triangle (Delta) chord symbol
  40. Printing
  41. iREAL on PC - possible or impossible?
  42. Unable to buy styles--[old info]
  43. flat
  44. Editing Username
  45. Delete Account or edit user name option?
  46. How do I move these songs to my iPhone?
  47. How to backup my iReal song library
  48. WP song to irealbook format?
  49. Importing MIDI files to Mac/Garage Band
  50. b. Flat sign What is it?
  51. The #9b13 chord
  52. Normal version?
  53. Jazz Chords
  54. Notes?
  55. Lead sheet? (with melody)
  56. Avatars
  57. Slow to load up
  58. How to import songs from forum to iPad?
  59. Using the Player: tricks and tips
  60. downloading
  61. Boss's guitar rhythm
  62. how to send Playlist from iPad to Mac Editor?
  63. Master Song List
  64. N and S (Normal & Small font)
  65. Song will not open
  66. nothing happens when I click
  67. Rousseau MusicPad
  68. Tunes where?
  69. Assign music tracks?
  70. Problem emailing song
  71. Diffrence from a and b part
  72. Changing the pitch without changing the Chords
  73. Anyone! Please advise how to get the original standards back?
  74. How to download on a Windows laptop?
  75. Where's my post
  76. where are the realbook files located?
  77. create our own styles?
  78. BEGINNERS: start here
  79. itunes plays intead of irealb
  80. I can't finish writing a song.. Not enough bars
  81. How can I write B-7(b13) ? Can't find it on the program!!
  82. Vocals - melodies and lyrics?
  83. Hot to rename a thread
  84. What is the best way to find a song?
  85. Forum Registration problems/cannot log in: HINTS HERE
  86. How can I find: What a difference a day makes
  87. Problem
  88. how do I permenantly switch back to vB4 Default Style?
  89. modulation, key change
  90. How to post a recommendation of correction for a standard
  91. Meaning of chord symbols
  92. App won't work
  93. Loss of search function
  94. How to post questions?
  95. Forum playlists not opening from Android Phone (myTouch 4G Slide)
  96. Introduction!
  97. Transposing?
  98. Blues-Jazz exerise changing keys each time
  99. what does the icon that looks like a padlock to the side of uploads mean?
  100. Long delay before playback?
  101. what's the best way to search for a song
  102. Editing songs and transferring them.
  103. New Member - Do I need the app to hear tracks?
  104. Starters question
  105. The Wind - Keith Jarrett (Request)
  106. What's a "thread"
  107. Searching and/or Requesting titles
  108. Guitar Style Pack
  109. Unexpected Key changes
  110. working on PC
  111. How do I update without losing 900 Library Songs from the old iRealBook?
  112. Building a set list
  113. slash chords and/or inversion notation
  114. Upload playlist to Forum with individual songs selectable
  115. Search -- A "someday" request
  116. Fx problem when put through my P.A Help !!!
  117. Deleting your own post
  118. naming songs
  119. Maj de l'application ireal'b aujourd'hui
  120. Melody
  121. Problems with iReal b
  122. Transposing for Eb Sax
  123. iReal b Based Gigs on Video?
  124. Searching the Forums
  125. Changing Time Signature
  126. How to get more songs?
  127. Thank You iReal pro
  128. nuevo miembro
  129. Duplicate titles....
  130. Guitar chords library display backwards
  131. problem by writing some chords
  132. John Meheganís Jazz web app and iRp
  133. ireal b web editor discontinued
  134. how to delete threads?
  135. Importing songs...
  136. Using on different devices
  137. learn songs in bass clef?
  138. Begining and endings to songs
  139. Posting songs in the forums
  140. Entering a new (or original) song
  141. iRp Sync emails and BackUps
  142. Sharing my irealb with another device
  143. Printing from tablet?
  144. Voice search
  145. WAV file export.
  146. How To Search For Or Request A Song Chart
  147. Guidelines for sharing songs and playlists
  148. Composer information
  149. How to post forum songs to my IPad IRealPro
  150. iiVi recognition skills?
  151. multidevice bluetooth synchro, and metronome
  152. Sort Songs By Key
  153. Pitch control
  154. ALWAYS search before starting a new thread.
  155. New member introductions
  156. Posting more than one chord chart in a message
  157. Editing Song title
  158. Cross reference changes?
  159. Can I change my username?
  160. Great app!
  161. Importing My Charts to iRealPro
  162. Using Bar-repeat signs, Slash and N.C. (no chord)
  163. android to mac
  164. Suggestions for learning to play again?
  165. Can't open or view charts
  166. Instructions for use?
  167. How can I share my songs and playlists with other users
  168. User Manual ?
  169. Note names: H ???
  170. Additional features for in-app purchase?
  171. Download playlists?
  172. A question about chord
  173. D.S. D.C. Coda markers
  174. Sharing playlists of charts
  175. License code?
  176. How to make AABABA form?
  177. Mystery Note Eb Sax
  178. "Remove" vs. "Trash"
  179. "songlist" vs. "individual songs"
  180. Able to pause ?
  181. Using S/N small-normal to make chords fit
  182. learning the chords
  183. Thread Display Mode (setting) Newest or Oldest posts first
  184. How do I post a new song?
  185. Cool NEW Styles are HERE (in v7 2016)
  186. Can YOU Help ?
  187. Reposting songs...?
  188. where can I find R&B tunes?
  189. Beginner, where do I start?
  190. Delete and add measures to an existing tune
  191. how to find titles
  192. Styles for 3/4 (waltz))?
  193. New Tunes
  194. Using search
  195. This is new - Kurt Weil
  196. Help with chord symbols
  197. Bar Numbers
  198. Learnin' The Blues - Dolores Vicki Silvers
  199. Edit doesn't save key
  200. Importing songs
  201. Multiple repeats and multiple endings
  202. Individual songs
  203. Chord Names issues
  204. Ear Training - Chord progression
  205. How to delete my message on forum
  206. Yow!! Slight overwhelm
  207. iReal pro Christmas 2016
  208. The best way to find songs
  209. How to download song charts?
  210. How to find a song?
  211. Problems getting a tune from Mac to Ipad and also into forum or anywhere!
  212. How 2 get 15 lines (4 beats per line)
  213. Repeats signs and form for playback
  214. My playlist - how do i insulate a separate list to preserve and make changes?
  215. How do u get the tutorials back on?
  216. Search?
  217. Writing new charts for transposed instruments
  218. making backing tracks with lead guitar and no chord accompagnions
  219. How to write an ABAB,B song?
  220. Starting page of app
  221. How do I Search for specific song and artist ?
  222. Repeat Signs and jumps
  223. Restore/Find Exercises?
  224. MIDI files in iReal Pro
  225. Can I add songs?
  226. Edit or delete a thread?
  227. Attachments
  228. Endings?
  229. Upload or import a song in xml or midi?
  230. Lire ma creation sur deux appareils
  231. Can we start a sticky thread for the real books?
  232. Medley?
  233. Changing the order of songs in a playlist.
  234. How to see the notes (voicings) that iReal is playing?
  235. Sharing playlist and adding charts in the sandbox
  236. Details: how use operators to search the forums
  237. Single song download?
  238. Looking for a chart....
  239. I found a tune , moved to a new device, now I can't find the tune any more
  240. Cambiar el ritmo en la misma cancion
  241. Padodoble
  242. Alto sax tips please
  243. Good Minor, Major, Modal charts for beginners?
  244. change color of chord highlight - position marker
  245. Delete for copyright reasons?
  246. Are they all MIDI?
  247. Global search on forums from Windows OS
  248. How to add songs to playlists
  249. Putting your name on a chart as arranger
  250. paste from one tune to another one